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It is almost going to be a decade I stepped into Belgium,though now and then I am used to meet friends and their families occasionally for festivals,it is a real pleasure to see such big establishment in the form of “INCO” which unites whole India and gathers almost all the Indians onto one boat to celebrate occasions which clearly brews the feeling that we are all one outside as well!
Indian Confluence – When I came across this term,the word “Confluence” caught all my attention as it depicts a beautiful  AND catchy meaning – the junction of different rivers at one place or an act of process of merging!!It is what InCo achieved too!
I felt happy and respectful for this organisation and wished the team to carry on the legacy of the name in their events as well which in the course of time they are doing,they started celebrating with the biggest festival of India,Diwali which almost every Indian enjoys irrespective of caste,creed and religion.This one festival shows Unity in Diversity which is the true Democratic slogan of India.
They grabbed the complete attention of all section of audience with full entertainment and culture valued stage performances with their first venture itself.It was not easy to impress with the very first event itself.But they did!!They simply stole the show with sincere efforts as well as a considerable team work.It’s a clean bowling!!!
They carried on further with the boosted spirits the first success gave them with a beautiful “Spring fest”,As we know Spring is the most lovely and blissful season in west,they depicted all the colors of Spring through their event,It not only made a enjoyable time for Indians but also to the Westerners,have seen everyone  joyously stepping for the beats of Indian music.
Then the biggest and grand event came into live with a simple yet brilliant idea of “Indian Food Festival”,we Indians are definitely born with thousands of taste buds with delicious flavors in our genes.Indian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the best ever in the whole world..proud to say we are recognized easily by our culinary skills.

Needless to say that is one of the best events which almost every Belgian remembers and awaits for the summer as they look forward to it !!It is not at all an easy task to get almost all the mouth watery dishes to one place and serve them freshly at perfection.In addition to offering the amazing Indian delicacies,they provide full pledged entertainment like Indian classical Dance,Bollywood Dance,Indian Yoga,Kids performances,Folk dances by the professionals.The event fills our hearts with joy and tummies with scrumptious meals.I can clearly see a festive environment all over that weekend of this event in a greenery filled tremendous park.This kind of events bring us an opportunity to meet all at one place,to see all the smiling happy faces and ultimately fills us with a positivity.

“Subramania” –  A melodious feast for the music lovers,InCo puts it’s efforts to present this awesome event in Belgium, it’s a token of respect they exhibit for the Indian classical music.

Next significant and mega event they helped with is “Narendra Modi in Brussels” – This part of the InCo’s journey shows how much expertise they already achieved in handling such massive events.It was a cake walk for them and they proved they are the apt team to handle this!!!

They have crossed another mile stone with a new and successful venture for KIDS  through SPRING ACTIVITIES..

Not just for the entertainment or events,InCo showed their social responsibility for social cause by adopting a village in South India.They are registered as a not for profit Organisation.
During the times of unfortunate crisis last year,they extended their support and passed on the message that they are with fellow Indians by standing through out and constantly being in touch!!
To wind up, I would sincerely like to congratulate InCo and team from the bottom of my heart for their endeavors and efforts in bringing India together and celebrating us in a far away land.

This blog is my truly small tribute to InCo for reaching new places!!
With lots of Love,Signing off…
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